Data Rescue


Effective recovery for all types of Mac files


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There are three reasons why you should use Data Rescue III to recover files: the hard disk does not mount, the hard disk is corrupted and you cannot access your saved files, or you have deleted files from your hard drive by mistake.

Data Rescue III is an application for Mac that can be useful to recover an entire hard drive or only the files that you indicate. It supports practically all file formats.

However, to run Data Rescue II, it is necessary to have either another hard drive or an external drive that will be used to store recovered files.

If Disk Utility does not recognize the disk, there is little that can be done. The file systems that it mainly supports are HFS and HFS, although for file types such as photos, videos, or music, it supports virtually all of these types of file formats.

For OS X 10.2 or later.


Lists all files that can be recovered, but only allow you to save one file that is less than 5 MB.

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